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April 4, 2007

Happy Holidays

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Well, hello again.
(By the way, if you wondered, new posts will be done about once a week, hopefully every Sunday)

The holiday season, what a joy.
Our kind marks it with a day and a half of vacation, unless there is something important (always) as the week or two would just melt our brains from disuse, as we are told, or perhaps just remind us that there is a life, a whole world outside our cubicles. Most dangerous indeed.
In my precious company the holiday is also celebrated by giving out tokens of appreciation and holiday spirit. Large sums of money you say? No, much much better. Personally selected presents. A money bonus is just so impersonal.
For instance 2 years ago, we got scented soap, a candle, and a lamp that connects to your USB slot on your computer and makes it feel all home like. Last year, they went even further. We got a towel, olive oil, and a cup warmer that once again, gets stuck in your USB port on your computer. (USB, if you don’t know, is this small crack at the back of your computer, where some hi-tech men like to stick stuff in, for their pleasure.)
Oh I love this holiday spirit, and the constant discovery of generosity, and the versatile abilities of the Hi-Tech employees USB port to have stuff shoved into it.

I do wonder what they will stick into my USB this year, as a present.

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