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April 16, 2007

My Hotel

I was sent on a trip to east Europe. One of the perks in Business travel is the cool hotels you usually get to stay in. Flashy places, center of town, especially when traveling with important people.

Let me highly recommend The hotel I got when I was sent alone to Warsaw.

It is a 5 star hotel (though I was told 2 stars are at the shop currently), Fully equipped with everything you could want if you were in soviet Warsaw, 1975. (trust me, the pictures are very complimentary). Nothing like checking into a hotel that smells like the original thing, or an old peoples home.

Good room for you! come in!

A spacious 2.20X3 meter room, in extravagant kaka brown, and the newest technology in personal hygiene: whenever you turn on the light in the bathroom, a sophisticated surround sound system makes it sound like you are in a plane that is taking off.

Instead of messing with elaborate anti-mosquito nets, the whole building was covered with a net that doubled as a preventative measure to protect passers by from the artistic crumbling outside walls (see terrace in image).

Why bother with internet (no, none available) when you can spend your time trying to open your door that automatically locks you out every time the clock strikes 11?

I just want to share how proud I am that I was allowed the honor of helping my company save the big bucks (20 euro’s by the way), in a city where the Sheraton offers a deluxe room with a king sized bed, broadband internet and a sauna for 92 euro a night…

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  1. 1.What makes you worth the extra buck? you did your job just the same i presume…

    2.What is kaka? : )

    Comment by GP — April 16, 2007 @ 2:17 pm

  2. Oh well, I’m not sure walking into a business meeting smelling like a 90 year old couch helps.
    Kaka Brown is surprisingly both the new official selection of Ikea global, for the worst color in history, and also the example of the most popular color in Warsaw hotels, built before they had TV and Cars – 1980.

    Comment by thebeginner — April 16, 2007 @ 3:01 pm

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