First steps in the Hi-Tech sales world

May 8, 2007


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Moving from coding to the world of pre-sale was a dramatic change. For a long time you go home feeling guilty that you didn’t DO anything today. No code was written, the system is still the same. You just wrote word files. and excel files, and powerpoint files.
But the feeling fades.
You slowly get to know the great world of Corporate Documents.
The RFI (Request for information) is, of course, completely different from the RFP (Req for proposal) and the FRS…
I found myself in a meeting, discussing the DRM for the AIM system, as mentioned in the RFI and the RFP. They wanted XHTML over GPRS, using SSH. And that was just the subject for the meeting. OMG (Oh my god!). Deploying my final weapon of defense, I entered the Google site on my phone, and kept checking the definitions of the terms. Unbelievably, this method kept my head above water for the entire meeting. I understood what is going on, and am still holding my job.
If you think about it, philosophically, it is a bit like lawyers. You only need one because everyone else is using one. We could have all used common sense, trust, and handshake on contracts, but instead, as the other person got a lawyer to write a contract, you need one to read it back to you, and make sure you don’t fall.
Same here, I used a mobile data-enabled device to access a website, in order to understand a meeting about access to data on mobile devices…

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