First steps in the Hi-Tech sales world

May 17, 2007


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I have climbed the Annapurna Range in Nepal. My legs have carried me up to 6500 meters, over the clouds, and back in one piece.
I have studied the works of Kant and Derrida, and understood enough to pass a test and converse about it.
I have Jumped a 160 meter cliff with nothing but a Bungy cord to my feet, learned Japanese, and won the original Super Mario Nintendo game.
but nothing has ever given me the satisfaction of solving this toy, this puzzle, sitting on my desk as a toy.

The cursed toy

All the thing is, is 2 rings combined, and a 3rd ring that you have to get out.
It looks absolutely impossible. It’s a good thing they made the damn thing from metal. You are seriously tempted to throw it against a wall, under a bus, into the grand canyon, more than once.
This innocent looking devil’s creation was handed to me by the guy sitting next tome, with an exasperated face, and bags under his eyes that told a tale of sleepless nights and a desire to die. Not heeding this warning, I went at it for half a day, and sure enough, the rings were still combined, and I wanted to kill someone.
As I finally left for home I tossed it at the kid from QA (Quality assurance, the people that test our product for bugs, also fondly known as “The gimps”). by the time I made it to the elevators, I heard him call my name and turned around to see him holding both parts separated. I seriously doubt he knows how close he was to a painful death at that point in his life, with that satisfied smile on his face…
Today, with new energies, I took a new look at it. As no welding equipment was available, I had to resort to my brain. And finally, after all else failed, I dug deep into myself, and God knows how, got the damn thing out. And back again. And out again.
Mystery solved, it all seemed so easy.
I left it separated, on my neighbor’s desk, for him to see that despite his announcement, it is not impossible.
He no longer likes me.

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