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July 9, 2007

Email, the great time saver

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You have probably seen this happen several times, if you work in an office.
You come back to your desk at the morning, or after lunch, and all of a sudden your Inbox has 15 new messages, all with the same subject, from the same 2-3 people. It’s always the same plot.
Someone has sent an email.

From: Marketing person A.
To: Programmer B, Product manager C, Project manager D, Head of QA-E.

Hey guys, It seems that there is a help field missing in the 1st page of the system, but it is in the original requirement. Just wondering if I need to include it in the User Manual.

Now. This email may seems like an innocent enough question to the untrained eye. But here the Roller coaster ride begins.

From: Project Manager D.
To: All the rest

Oh god! How can this be? We will not be on time!!
From: Product manager C.
To: All the rest

This Item is critical to the system. It must be implemented.
From: Project Manager D.
To: All the rest

I just saw that it was not required by the client. forget it, don’t do it.
From: Product manager C.
To: All the rest

Yes we need to do it.
But it’s important! But they never asked for it. But i say the system will not work without this. but Venus is not near mars this time of year. Yes, No, Yes, No, your momma.

This silly argument becomes an endless stream of emails that never ends, and each time someone gets mad, another person is thrown into the recipient list, until half the company is getting mail after mail of no content but an ego bash.
There are 2 known cures for this illness.

1. The short tempered Boss. Gets in from lunch, and send one strict email ending the argument. Usually, this might start the same story over again 2 days later, about the color of the button.
2. Group action. All collateral damage receivers, unite, wear hoods, and grab the main culprits and deliver swift justice by removing several index fingers.

Have you met this phenomena? Do you have a way around it? Can you advise how to save those megabyte trees from being massacred?

Myself and my tired Inbox will be ever in your debt.

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