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August 14, 2007

Harry Potter and the deathly delays

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Ok, I admit it. Remember, before you judge, we all have a dark secret. I love the Harry Potter books. I love the movies. I read all 6 books, and just saw the newest movie (Order of the phoenix) last night. Lots of fun, but somehow less fun than the previous ones, perhaps because of the focus on Harry, with all the other colorful characters barely getting screen time.

But to the point. I am stupid. Hearing how expensive the new book will be, I decided to fool the system, and pre-order the book on Amazon. Avoid the big lines I thought. Get it cheaper, I thought. Beat the crowds, my foul scheming mind giggled.

The book came out a quadrillion years ago. Amazon only mailed it a couple of days following the books release. They took 10 US Dollars for international delivery. Making the book more expensive than the corner store near my house. And here comes the punch line. I have still not received the book! Yes. August 14th, I still have no HP book to read.

Yes. The entire world has enjoyed the final chapter, they all know what happens at the end. And I am waiting till September, when the book will arrive. Over a month.


Perhaps he has my book locked under the stairs?

Now, I have Internet sites, I can download the book from the web, I can borrow it from any of my numerous friends that have already finished the hundreds of pages and enjoyed the story. But I still persist. I am waiting for my copy.

Can anyone explain to me why I need to wait over 5 weeks for a book to cross the ocean in the year 2007? And this after taking so much money for delivery? They could have tied it to a dolphin’s tail, provided that dolphin has a turtle as a friend for the last lag to my house, and I’d be done reading the book already.

Next time, don’t do the right thing. Download, borrow, stand in line. Internet shopping? Not for me. Old-school shops are still faster, and apparently cheaper…


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