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September 9, 2007

What is a startup?

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Recently I found myself pondering this question quite often. True, you can look at number of employees, income, blah blah blah blah.
That is not what is interesting. So what really makes a company worthy of being called a start up?
I say it’s all about the mood. That is why everyone has such a hard time explaining it.
A real company is well organized, has a long term plan, and procedures. Lots of procedures. You are a small function, working for someone else, filling in forms and reports, punching a clock, doing your part and going home at 6.
A start up is a bunch of people with an idea. A concept, not even a product sometimes. Getting together, and with team spirit, working hard to make it happen. Passion, excitement, brotherhood.
It’s working there with sleeping bags, together, everyone knows everyone, and hoping to make it big. to hit the jackpot and everyone can buy a house…
Once the place you work in no longer has that vibe, and there is “management” and “employees”, once you wake up in the morning and feel you “have” to go to work, it’s a company. Once you want to stick it to “the man”, you are in a company. You can work in a place for 5 years and still be a start-up if you keep that group feeling and togetherness, aimed at success. Or you can be 5 months into the process, and your company still not making a penny, but already find you are working for a miserable company.
This is from a person that just realized his place of work is no longer a start-up…
I apologize, this may not be the definition you were looking for, but it’s the one that matters to me…


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