First steps in the Hi-Tech sales world

September 16, 2007


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I think I am either manic-depressive of just undecided. Or is it just that fun and bad stuff keep happening? Any way you look at it, my mood and attitude towards my job are changing faster than superman in a phone booth.
Woke up this morning, on a weekend (Always good, I’m resting). At 11am I started the journey to Holland – From my parents house, to my town, to the airport, to Zurich (Yes, I took a connection to save my company 400$, to Holland.) At that point, mood not so good. Weary of the journey. By 10pm, I was haggard, beat, With a headache, hating my bosses guts, for spending another day, and a weekend at that, on a plane. For hours and hours. however, I just walked in from an hour walk in the red light district, enjoying the people walking by, the various plant life, and a cold beer. How can my job be any better???
Tomorrow is looking bright and sunny with another day off to enjoy this fun city. work is paying for my rest and recreation. Museums and coffee shops sure beat the office. Even when your boss spills ink all over himself.
Amigos, off to bed it is, tomorrow I do not wake up to an alarm and drag myself to work. Hoping you don’t hate my guts too much,

Yours truly.


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