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December 23, 2007

Happy Christmas

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In the words of Ali – G: “Christmas is named after a very important historical figure – Father Christmas, who’s real name is Jesus. He was born over 2000 years ago. So if he was alive today, he’d probably be dead…”

As a kid, Christmas for me was a time of joy. Cool movies on TV, snow filling the streets, a magical feeling. I enjoyed the expectation of Santa arriving on his sled and dropping gifts at my house, and completely ignored the fact that I was (and still am) Jewish.
It was hard to get my head around that fact. There was no tree in our house. But my parents let me watch all the Christmas specials I wanted and I definitely knew that I was a good buy. But still…
Since then, I have grown, learned that other than Oil spills, political struggles and corpses of bold but stupid explorers, the north pole is quite empty. Also, moving away from Boston to a warmer climate, has turned Christmas from a white, snow filled experience to just another winter day. Today, by the way, it’s quite sunny outside.
I still however get all tingly inside when I see specials on TV, so I hold a warm spot for the magic of decorated trees, corny movies and gifts. So, a merry happy Christmas to all, and may we all find joy and compassion in our hearts towards all.

Here is a glimpse of my feelings at this time of year as a kid.

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