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December 30, 2007

Clocking out

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Once upon a time, I worked for a large company. A well established place with over 500 employees. As it also belonged to a company with 4000 employees, the culture was that of a large company. Amongst other things, the clock. Coming in to work, and leaving, you had to “Punch in/out”. Not with a real paper card like in the old days, but still.
I remember vividly, that the clock worked in increments of 6 minutes. Most people in that company were around the age of 40, and when leaving, I’d ask someone if they were coming with me, and I’d hear people say that they are staying another 2 minutes, to get another increment on the clock and not waste 3 minutes that have passed.
It was so sad.
Where I work now also has a clock. The door opens only with a card, and they count your time from the 1st entrance to the last exit of the day. I know a large company is hard to manage, but why do we stick to this mechanism? If I can do all my work and then some in 3 hours, why do I count less than the guy next to me, that stays here 11 hours a day, most of them browsing for porn, and eating lunch?
We need a better system.

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