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February 2, 2008

My perfect vacation

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For 3 years now I have been taking my Girlfriend to a cabin in the north for our combined birthday party. We were born a week apart. We take a weekend off, and spend it in a wooden cabin, in the mountains, with a fireplace, a large jacuzzi facing the window, lots of privacy, wine and relaxation. Bliss.
Every year, we come back from this weekend, tired from all the fun, and wish that we had a weekend to rest. This year, we wised up. We took the cabin for Tuesday and Wednesday night. So we got back on Thursday, and had the whole weekend to rest. A real vacation.

Another great surprise this time, was to get caught in a real snowstorm, and enjoy the snow piling out the window, building a snowman and having a snowfight like kids. fun fun fun!

Nothing felt better than sending a picture of us in the snow to our friends in the city, during a work day, saying we are having fun. I know, evil. but still…


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  1. Evil… pure evil…

    I’m not in your office, but i’m in a concrete jungle of 13 million inhabitants, taking subway to my office every day, with 35º to 40º C…

    I just hate you!

    Comment by Nico — February 4, 2008 @ 1:57 pm

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