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September 18, 2007

The best and worst of flying for work reasons

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Well, the best is trivial.
You fly for free.
You stay at expensive hotels.
You get the flight points and can then get free tickets.
You spend time away from the desk in new countries.
You meet interesting people.
The list goes on.

But yesterday, coming back from my latest trip, I pinpointed the number one reason why flying for work sucks.
The worst of business travel is not that you find yourself in a great place and have no free time, it’s not that you spend endless hours in crappy airports with no sleep for days. It’s not the tiny seats in the planes, or the airline food. It’s not even the times you find yourself in a hotel, not sure of the time, day or country you are currently in. All that is trivial.
When you finally get off the plane coming home, dead tired, missing the people that you love so much that it hurts, pass the customs stand, and enter the reception hall.

There, you find yourself in front of a wall of people, standing there expectantly with balloons, flowers and signs. As you walk, all around you people are running and hugging and shouting with joy. And you keep walking, past this most happy and exciting place, so obvious that you are not part of this festival with your suit and carry on bag. You exit the building, and take another shitty cab home.
That room, that hall, reminding you each time how coming back home from another country should really be like, symbolizes to me everything that work trips really are. Lonely.

More to come.


June 11, 2007

G8 ripples, or Lufthansa madness

Last couple of weeks were crazy all over Europe. This might be because of the G8 convention, or just bad Karma in general. But EVERY single flight I had was late.
Last week, I had a quicky. 6 flights in 3 days. 3 destinations, 3 meetings, and back home. However, all the flights were late. and all my flights had connections.
however, Lufthansa were cool about it, and offered us free bonuses. For one, a free seat near the take off lane, to enjoy watching all the planes take off. No extra charge. But the greatest bonus of all was the sauna. We boarded a plane at mid-day, with over 30 degrees Celsius (That’s 90 Fahrenheit to all Americans). 300 people, in a tin box, with no air conditioning, for over one hour.
Just imagine the heat. Healthy, cleansing sweat, running out of every pore of your body. Better than a sleeping pill, let me tell you that. Just fade away into unconsciousness and enjoy the experience.
Arriving in Frankfurt, a tad late, and partly alive, we saw the most awesome sight.
The entire airport was in fast forward. EVERY SINGLE person in that huge place was late for a flight, somewhere else. Everyone was running. It was like watching that Queen “Under pressure” video, but faster. Much faster.

I could not help but laugh. Hundreds of tiny little ants, running and pushing and bustling along, all trying to make a flight that let me assure you, was late anyway.
I cannot help but suspect that it was all one big joke, that someone was sitting near the roof, with a drink in their hand, rubbing a big white cat, and laughing at the people below. “Muuu Haaaa haaa haaaa!!!”

Oh, and thank you for flying Lufthansa…

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