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October 24, 2007

Multiple Choice

An interesting question has risen today during lunch.
A colleague of mine told me that his friends company has just re-located. The reason for this was that apparently, the employees would start the debate on which restaurant to eat in at 11, argue till 12, and then go for lunch. This loss of hours was too costly, and management moved them to a place with less restaurants.
Connect this with what my parents called “toys are us syndrome” – When I was a little boy, they would, as a treat, take me once in a while to the Toys are us shop, and tell me I can choose one toy. These visits would always end in tears, as there was no way that I, a 5 year old kid, could possibly choose just one of those thousands of lovely toys.
So, the million question is, do we really need, do we really want, that much selection in life? It seems like whenever we have too much to choose from, we get lost, confused, and cannot make a selection. Do we want the company to offer 30 kinds of cars for us, or just a big one and a small one, making selection so much simpler? Should there really be 40 types of laundry soap in the supermarket???
feeling lost?

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