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September 11, 2007

Daylight saving time

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Or whatever it is called.
The summer, according to the government is officially over this Saturday. And me still not taking my raincoat and umbrella out of storage. People are still walking in short clothes, the beaches are still full, and some stupid coalition deal, is going to kill an hour of every day from now till march.
Just to give you an idea. The sun now sets at about 7pm. That gives me an hour of daylight after I leave work on a good day. Once they move the clock, the sun will set at 6. and then earlier and earlier, until by mid winter it will set around 5.
Think about it. 5pm. That is what normal people call “Afternoon”. Not night. If anyone had ANY sense, they’d either leave the bloody clock alone, or move the time an hour back, to leave us some daylight at the end of the day.
Who on earth was meant to leave work at night time? Look at the Scandinavians: they have no choice in the matter, true, but those guys are jumping off buildings like lemmings. People were not meant to live in the dark. We are not dwarves.
I say, enough with this madness.

Today, your multimedia spectacular is a Nina Simone version of an old classic. Take a moment and enjoy this, in honor of our friend, that we will all miss soon…

Let the sunshine in.


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