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September 20, 2007

Being green.

As my favorite modern thinker (Kermit the frog) once said, “It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green”.
Lately newspapers have been full of articles about the environment. A lot of them dealing with plastic bags. We use them so often, always for a few minutes and then discard them. It’s a real shame.

So lately, if by internal motivation, and perhaps encouraged that the rest of society is now discussing it, I have tried to act green. I got energy saving light bulbs at home, I never print paper at work, and I even take my own bags to the supermarket, when I remember.
Today, needing to catch a quick lunch, I entered the McDonald’s that is located at my building, and wanted a take-away meal. I always cringe when they get it for me. They get a tray for the cup, and place the tray and cup in a plastic bag. Then they take the burger and fries and place them in a separate paper bag. Then, they place both of those bags in a new big plastic bag. All this, to carry the food to an elevator a minute away. Add several napkins, a straw I never use, and several ketchup bags, and I feel like a walking ecological disaster. So much garbage!
So today, I devised a new trick. I ordered the meal, and after it was served, grabbed the cup, and asked for a bag for the burger and fries. The girl put them in the paper bag, which I tried to take from her. But she insisted on adding the extra plastic one. The ensuing discussion, where I tried explaining to her that I already have it all in a bag, and that the extra, excessive plastic bag will sit around in the dump for 400 years, for no reason, drew from her and the people around me the strangest looks. What in god’s name is that guy on about?
I really had a hard time convincing her that I don’t want the extra bag. A real hard time. And then the stupid coke spilled on me in the elevator.
Well, not really, but it was a good punchline 🙂

Now, After reading this, if you made it this far, you may be thinking one of 2 things.
A – Damn, Those McDonald’s need to get with the program. With 129385265234 servings a day, they are screwing up our planet for good.
B – The writer of this article is a nut case.

If you thought A, help me out, share your opinions, tell other, be active. Stop this (and other) waste. If you thought B, you are either :
A – Living in the previous century, and you need to wake up.
B – The manager of the McDonald’s place in my street…

A little word from our friend:


September 4, 2007

The Eco-Friendly Office

How well every optimistic prediction of the future has always come true. remember the paperless office? My colleagues that reprint every version of their 85 page document, after each word added show how well that has come out. Technology as a time-saver? Give me a break. I spend endless hours at work and at my shrink, trying to cope with gazillions of emails that flood my inbox, and the anxiety that it creates. 427 emails unread, currently. (See my previous posts about these subjects.)

Now, let us see how eco-friendly our office environment really is.

We are all sleeping tight because we recycle batteries at the office. Hooray. You can hear the crowd roaring. However, anyone that wants a drink, either uses a disposable cup to drink water, or opens one of the personal sized water bottles we get from the water cooler company. We have a truckload of empty bottles every week.

Lights and air conditioning are on, 24/7. Of course. But the award winning, unbelievable story of our company, is the middle room in the RD corridor. 4 people occupy that room. Some of them like the air cool, and like the movie, some like it hot. So, the obvious solution my friends, is that the Air-conditioning unit is set to freeze the room, and one person sits with their own personal convector (Small electric thingy, blows hot air. Yes, that it what it’s called apparently…) heating the same room. An ever lasting war of temperatures. When I saw this, this insane waste of electricity, all happening on a nice lovely day where any sane person would just open the window and enjoy the air, I knew we were doomed. I had a moment there. I found the end of the universe.

Here is a description of such a revelation, by amazing comedian, Lewis Black

My friends, humanity, exactly like the solar powered lighter, is doomed to extinction. For the rare few that never saw this technological wonder, the solar powered lighter:

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