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January 13, 2008

Someone elses stuff.

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so, I have a laptop from work. We have a real love-hate relationship. On the one side, it’s a computer for free. It allows me now to sit in a lobby, drinking a drink and writing my stuff. All good. However, it’s also a part of work that is always there. While typing these words, my bottom right corner is reminding me of new emails from co-workers that need attention. It is work going with you wherever you go.

But my big dilemma is how to treat this little black box. If I had a laptop that belonged to me, I’m not sure I’d be able to consider taking it with me abroad, and I’d be very careful about leaving it in the room when I leave.
It is mine, but it’s not. On the one hand, you want to treat something that is not really yours better than you would your own suff, as it belongs to someone else. And you need to respect that. On the other hand, it’s company property, and just a tool, and it’s insured. And hell, it’s not like it’s mine…

So. Walking around town all day, do I have to carry this heavy load or can i just leave it in the room and to hell with it? Only problem is that without it, the meeting tomorrow will be a problem.
Ah, what dilemmas we have.

here is another man’s dilemma:

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December 11, 2007

New computer?

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I currently own a small computer farm. There is a computer at work. There is the desktop with a ”20 screen I bought when I started University. It still works OK. I have an old laptop. Old. Heats up like a bastard and the screen works on every 3rd try.
So theoretically I work on 3 computers. However. The Desktop overheats, and is really slow. The Laptop barely works. The screen is big, heavy, takes the whole table, and heats the room.
So. To buy or not to buy?
If I want to buy, do I go for an expensive, super system, or the cheapest thing money can buy. Does more room on the desk justify a flat screen when the old one still works?
Do I go nuts and buy a small expensive apple laptop, just cos I want to? 🙂 I will be 31 in a couple of months…
This dilemma has left me wondering, and buying nothing for over 5 months. Indecision as the number 1 savings program…

A few reasons to go for it…

Or to see them all:

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October 1, 2007

To read or not to read?

You are finally on vacation.
2 short weeks of bliss. On another continent, the petty email struggles of work a million miles away, and finally in correct proportion of how that crap really does not matter in the grand scheme of things. However you did take the laptop with you, promising that in case of emergency you can help.
Now, you are in the deep forests of Massachusetts. In a beautiful wooden house with nothing but beautiful big trees for miles. The distant sound of some wild animal is the only thing to break the silence while you are sitting with a nice cold Samuel Adams beer and enjoying the setting sun.
As the sun has finally set, you calmly step upstairs and turn on the computer to write your loved ones how fun the world really is.
And the email Icon on your outlook beeps, telling you of 59 unread messages from work.
So, do you read?

July 1, 2007

How to be cool, 2007

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When I was a kid, being cool was easy. A BMX bicycle, a new remote controlled car, a T-shirt from the right company. Growing up, at the university, it became more difficult. Trips abroad, a nice car, going out with the hottest babe…
Now, somehow, I thought, nay, prayed that these stupid rules have gone with (the wind) growing up. How very wrong I was.
Tragically wrong. And now there are categories. There is no universal cool.
There are the trivial things. What Laptop you carry, what gadgets you own, what cell-phone you use. That is peanuts.
But there are groups in your life. and each has their own holy grail of coolness. How can you possibly compete?
Just today, heading to the cafeteria, I found out how uncool I really am so many times. 1st, I stopped at the IT (The support guys) room to say hi, and found out I’m lame because I have no idea that everyone is angry about the last episode of Stargate (That’s SG1, not Atlantis, of course). On the way out, seeking comfort with the one support guy that is not a Sci-fi geek, I was told off because I didn’t know about his new portable DVD/TV/flash drive/coffee maker thingy that he bought.
At the cafeteria, I realized I have no idea that striped shirts are out this season from the reception girls, and that everyone is talking for ages about that new band. What? Am I still listening to maroon 5? They are so yesterday!
My best friend told me off for still having a paper calendar, and how in the world can I still not be a member of the web2.0 community?
I have yet to download and watch the last “Lost” episode.
I haven’t seen “trasformers” yet.
I haven’t gone snowboaring.
I haven’t got an Ipod.
and the list goes on.

But then I calmed down. I’m better than this. I’m in my early 30’s. I look good. I have a wonderful girl that is the world’s envy. I read. I see movies. I go out.
I refuse to live by the code of the Borg, or the vulcans, or the Guauld. I refuse to be a slave of the new gadget. My 1gb mp3 player is more than enough for my annual jogging day. I don’t need an online community that helps me find other people that spend their days hoarding names on their virtual profiles, of other name hoarders. I will not spend every penny on a new palm/mp3/gps/tv/ toy, the size of my wallet, that will either be outdated or lost in a week.
And damn it, I look good in my striped shirt.

With that in mind, and with an uplifted spirit, I left work early to have a fun evening with my girlfriend. Driving home on my scooter went fine, other than almost hitting a wall as my eyes trailed after that jerk that passed me with the new Honda bike.
My god, that’s one cool bike.

Here is another cool guy…

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April 23, 2007

My first meeting

Finally, the big day had arrived. I was sent to meet a client.
I was a savvy world traveler. With my new dazzling suit, a laptop hanging on my shoulder, and a tiny trolley, I was the envy of all who travel. I knew my way around the airport, not longer staring with shiny eyes of the unexperienced at the duty free shops.
I was traveling with a sales manager as the technical expert (Help me momma!!!). We were to meet a Spanish communication company. Streaking over the sea, we spent a day traveling to meet for an hour. Once we arrived at the building, the size of a small fortress, I knew I was ready for the big leagues.
We asked the receptionist for Senior M. Morales, and sat down. I checked my reflection out in the window – I looked dashing in my new dark suit and tie. “Business man” written all over me for sure. The laptop on my shoulder gave me that special aura, that “je ne sais quoi”. New shiny business cards that pronounced me as the “Product Manager” promised I’m the guy you want.
After a while a young man approached, and after asking “Senior Morales?” and receiving a nod, we shook hands and followed him into the maze.
We walked long corridors, up and down elevators, and I’m sure at least one dragon guarding a secret passage. finally, having no sense of direction left, we arrived at a room, and were greeted by (surprise!) a whole team of people. Oh well, I get to spread out my new business card.
Oh, I had goosebumps. That sacred moment of trading cards, That ancient tradition, moving your arm just the right way, lowering your head just right, Half bowing in respect, half nodding friendly-like. Finally I was part of that secret ritual.
Then we set up the computers and got ready to start the show.
but a cough stopped us. “Excuse me,” said our Senior Morales – “You are from [insert my company name here]? Not from [insert a different company name here]??”
And then silence. Apparently he was expecting someone else entirely. how embarrassing. Silently everyone collected their cards back, and we were led back through the maze to the lobby.
Apparently there is more than one M. Morales at that company. Our M. Morales stood at the lobby, confused about where we were, and also in the lobby was another guy with a suit, Waiting for the M. Morales we were with.
Oh, just look at that guy from [insert the different company name here]. Just another guy in a suit, looking like every other Joe in the business, with that stupid laptop hanging on his shoulder, thinking he’s impressing someone!
The sales guy I was with looked at me and said “12 years in the business, this has NEVER happened to me. I guess you bring good luck.” Oh, I can’t wait to see what happens in my next trip…

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