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October 17, 2007

Breaking the internet

If I link to a page that links to me, will I bring down the whole thing?
Today I found out via my powerful magic cauldron (and the WordPress Statistics tools) that someone out there linked to my Blog. Aside from mentioning how great it is (Listen to the nice stranger!) he gives an intelligent and good definition to what is a startup. Just to give more insight, to this question. At least check the end of the post at least, if you are stressed for time.
While I didn’t have a chance to read the entire blog, he seems like a smart guy, that does some programming issues, some soup recipes and some personal insight on life. Worth checking out. 🙂


October 14, 2007

Defining a Startup company

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Well, if you noticed the comment to the question I raised, you will see that despite the best efforts of the Economist, for most of us the definition is still an emotional one.
we started working in a small company. Feeling like we are about to conquer the world, our select, elite team was about to give our souls and sleeping hours to get this baby of ours on it’s feet, and take the hi tech world by a storm. Success would mean a substantial bonus for all, and everyone is working together. A small place, good atmosphere, people working all to one goal.
Sometimes, the added bonuses – a pool table, cool offices, or some other crap.
We were trying to also avoid working in a large company. So many employees you no longer know anyone. Feeling like a small bolt in a large machine where you can no longer influence anything. Lots of paperwork, for no real reason (Try filling 6 separate pages for one line of code changed), of just imagine any Dilbert comic ever written.
Somewhere in the middle is the transition from the startup to the company.
On the day you drown in endless email messages, all of them endless “Reply-All” and people covering their asses by adding the whole company on every email they send, you know you have crossed over to the dark side.
When you feel like you are working for the Man, working your ass for some idiot that has a reserved parking space that is never occupied before 9:30 am or after 5:30 pm, who is earning 5 times your pay and who’s only donation to the company is when he keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t generate any trouble by releasing another stupid decision…

No bitterness here. None at all.

October 4, 2007

What is a Startup company?

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Meeting people on my trip, I have been telling them that I work in a startup company. And someone corrected me that it’s not a startup.
Over 50 employees, alive for 7 years and several clients, I guess it is not really your stereotype startup anymore.
But where do you draw the line? At what point does the startup emerge from it’s cocoon, spread it’s fragile wings and tell the word “I’m a company” and fly free?
Any Ideas?

July 25, 2007

My new startup company

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Hi-tech life is hard.
You work long hours, paying with your free time and energy for the perks you get. You make nice salaries, you get to see the world, but you never get to see your girlfriend, or the light of day when you leave the office.
And most of all, let’s face it, you work very hard, usually for something that will not really change the world. Imagine it – right now, there are many thousands of engineers and programmers frantically working to be the first to offer the world a better way of swapping recipes, sharing your 987346039463 pictures of your newborn, and selling you Viagra.

Here is another engineer:

how will they feel when that are 65? Will they feel they spent their youth properly? giving the world new meaning?
But I regress.
So there I was, talking with a few friends, all male of course. All of us have been so busy lately, that we all have been aiming to get a haircut for over 3 months and never had the time. We all looked like we could sing with the Beatles.


So the other day I was thinking to myself. It’s all about finding the need, and filling it. Here I am, at a Hi-Tech district. 30,000 men with no fashion taste, no spare time, and desperate need of a haircut once i a while. Lets open a Barber-Shop!!!
Just imagine, A small spot in the middle of the area. 2 barbers, with extra fast scissors. A money making, gold egg laying, brilliant idea!
Happy as can be, already lying in a beach in Hawaii with a drink from my millions, I joined the gang to go get lunch. Making certain I keep a normal face, not to reveal my new plan, I tagged along as we crossed to a new place one street over. I looked around as this was a spot I have not been to for a while, and stood still.
How could they? The Bastards! The thieves! There it was. My Idea. A brand new men’s Barber Shop. And yes, they were doing well…

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