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December 20, 2007

The difference between men and boys.

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I am reaching my 31st birthday in an alarming rate. Today, I went eating with the guy that sits in the room with me today. We went to an Italian restaurant. Sitting there having our lunch, talking about important things. The stock market that is very much painful, yessir. Globalization, open markets, venture capitalists.
Finishing our lunch, we wandered out of the restaurant, and naturally, without even discussing it, walked into the toy shop across the street. There, on the floor, was a bargain. A small remote controlled car, on sale. we grabbed 2, and took them to work.
After charging them, we took them for a ride. It takes 42 seconds to cross the entire company from side to side.
It has been a busy day. Being a championship holder is tiresome.
It took exactly one day for two guys in R&D to go out and buy 2 bigger cars. Now there is the Product gang, against the R&D gang. Our cars are faster, theirs are bigger and can apparently ride over ours. Tomorrow we set up a challenge course with tables and stuff and see who makes it through first.

An old saying goes – The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys…

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October 24, 2007

Multiple Choice

An interesting question has risen today during lunch.
A colleague of mine told me that his friends company has just re-located. The reason for this was that apparently, the employees would start the debate on which restaurant to eat in at 11, argue till 12, and then go for lunch. This loss of hours was too costly, and management moved them to a place with less restaurants.
Connect this with what my parents called “toys are us syndrome” – When I was a little boy, they would, as a treat, take me once in a while to the Toys are us shop, and tell me I can choose one toy. These visits would always end in tears, as there was no way that I, a 5 year old kid, could possibly choose just one of those thousands of lovely toys.
So, the million question is, do we really need, do we really want, that much selection in life? It seems like whenever we have too much to choose from, we get lost, confused, and cannot make a selection. Do we want the company to offer 30 kinds of cars for us, or just a big one and a small one, making selection so much simpler? Should there really be 40 types of laundry soap in the supermarket???
feeling lost?

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May 17, 2007


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I have climbed the Annapurna Range in Nepal. My legs have carried me up to 6500 meters, over the clouds, and back in one piece.
I have studied the works of Kant and Derrida, and understood enough to pass a test and converse about it.
I have Jumped a 160 meter cliff with nothing but a Bungy cord to my feet, learned Japanese, and won the original Super Mario Nintendo game.
but nothing has ever given me the satisfaction of solving this toy, this puzzle, sitting on my desk as a toy.

The cursed toy

All the thing is, is 2 rings combined, and a 3rd ring that you have to get out.
It looks absolutely impossible. It’s a good thing they made the damn thing from metal. You are seriously tempted to throw it against a wall, under a bus, into the grand canyon, more than once.
This innocent looking devil’s creation was handed to me by the guy sitting next tome, with an exasperated face, and bags under his eyes that told a tale of sleepless nights and a desire to die. Not heeding this warning, I went at it for half a day, and sure enough, the rings were still combined, and I wanted to kill someone.
As I finally left for home I tossed it at the kid from QA (Quality assurance, the people that test our product for bugs, also fondly known as “The gimps”). by the time I made it to the elevators, I heard him call my name and turned around to see him holding both parts separated. I seriously doubt he knows how close he was to a painful death at that point in his life, with that satisfied smile on his face…
Today, with new energies, I took a new look at it. As no welding equipment was available, I had to resort to my brain. And finally, after all else failed, I dug deep into myself, and God knows how, got the damn thing out. And back again. And out again.
Mystery solved, it all seemed so easy.
I left it separated, on my neighbor’s desk, for him to see that despite his announcement, it is not impossible.
He no longer likes me.

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