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February 2, 2008

My perfect vacation

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For 3 years now I have been taking my Girlfriend to a cabin in the north for our combined birthday party. We were born a week apart. We take a weekend off, and spend it in a wooden cabin, in the mountains, with a fireplace, a large jacuzzi facing the window, lots of privacy, wine and relaxation. Bliss.
Every year, we come back from this weekend, tired from all the fun, and wish that we had a weekend to rest. This year, we wised up. We took the cabin for Tuesday and Wednesday night. So we got back on Thursday, and had the whole weekend to rest. A real vacation.

Another great surprise this time, was to get caught in a real snowstorm, and enjoy the snow piling out the window, building a snowman and having a snowfight like kids. fun fun fun!

Nothing felt better than sending a picture of us in the snow to our friends in the city, during a work day, saying we are having fun. I know, evil. but still…


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November 18, 2007

1st day back at work.

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2 weeks of fun flew by so fast, it is hard to describe. Now I am back at work.
The excitement was short lived. Some friends I was happy to see. Some people less. The fun of showing people the pictures from your trip is diminished once you make the mistake of posting the images on Picasa and sending it by mail. (Are we really doing the right thing by this new trend??)
This person was fired. These 2 people just joined. This project had some trouble. I missed that exciting fight between persons A an B. forgot to ask someone to water the plants in my office so they look pretty grim.
6 hours after my return, it is like I never left…

I started writing this post after returning from a 2 week vacation. It got frozen for some reason (late for a meeting) and never finished. It is now revived to discuss a disturbing matter. Going back to work has this effect on good events in your life. It makes them go away. It can be a good weekend, a birthday, a vacation, you get into work, and within 20 minutes, they can be a million miles away, thanks to one phone call, email, or talk in the hall. I just realized it has been barely a month since my trip. I already feel the need for a long vacation, and can barely remember the feeling of vacation.

October 1, 2007

To read or not to read?

You are finally on vacation.
2 short weeks of bliss. On another continent, the petty email struggles of work a million miles away, and finally in correct proportion of how that crap really does not matter in the grand scheme of things. However you did take the laptop with you, promising that in case of emergency you can help.
Now, you are in the deep forests of Massachusetts. In a beautiful wooden house with nothing but beautiful big trees for miles. The distant sound of some wild animal is the only thing to break the silence while you are sitting with a nice cold Samuel Adams beer and enjoying the setting sun.
As the sun has finally set, you calmly step upstairs and turn on the computer to write your loved ones how fun the world really is.
And the email Icon on your outlook beeps, telling you of 59 unread messages from work.
So, do you read?

April 4, 2007

Happy Holidays

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Well, hello again.
(By the way, if you wondered, new posts will be done about once a week, hopefully every Sunday)

The holiday season, what a joy.
Our kind marks it with a day and a half of vacation, unless there is something important (always) as the week or two would just melt our brains from disuse, as we are told, or perhaps just remind us that there is a life, a whole world outside our cubicles. Most dangerous indeed.
In my precious company the holiday is also celebrated by giving out tokens of appreciation and holiday spirit. Large sums of money you say? No, much much better. Personally selected presents. A money bonus is just so impersonal.
For instance 2 years ago, we got scented soap, a candle, and a lamp that connects to your USB slot on your computer and makes it feel all home like. Last year, they went even further. We got a towel, olive oil, and a cup warmer that once again, gets stuck in your USB port on your computer. (USB, if you don’t know, is this small crack at the back of your computer, where some hi-tech men like to stick stuff in, for their pleasure.)
Oh I love this holiday spirit, and the constant discovery of generosity, and the versatile abilities of the Hi-Tech employees USB port to have stuff shoved into it.

I do wonder what they will stick into my USB this year, as a present.

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